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Should You Choose Rent-A-Center or Aaron’s for Rent-to-Own Computers in Marion, OH?

When you need a rent-to-own computer, you have two shopping choices: Rent-A-Center and Aaron’s in Marion, OH. We quickly compare both rental companies to help you discover your best option.

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At Rent-A-Center, our no credit option lets you shop the top brands and products you love. With no long-term contracts and the option to upgrade anytime, you are always in control.*

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Why Get A Computer at Aaron's or Rent-A-Center Nearby in Marion, OH?

These days, it feels like everything is online and you need to have access to a reliable computer. Whether a laptop or a desktop, your computer opens up access to a whole new world, from online gaming, to work, to research for school, to staying close with far-away friends and family. But computers often have hefty price tags, and you you might not have saved up enough when it's time to swap out your outdated or broken computer. Thankfully, there are rent-to-own companies you can turn to, like Rent-A-Center and Aaron's in Marion, OH. You can choose from a range of rent-to-own computers, allowing you to afford the laptop or desktop you're looking for today while avoiding making a big-ticket purchase all at once. Rent-to-own can help you avoid financial stress, particularly if your computer unexpectedly went on the fritz.

A Wide Selection of Computers at Rent-A-Center or Aaron's in Marion, OH: Tablets, Desktops, and Laptops

When choosing a rent-to-own company, ensure that they offer the tech devices you'll need from brands you can trust. Rent-A-Center and Aaron’s have rent-to-own computers, tablets, and additional accessories from highly-sought after brands, like Lenovo, Asus, and Samsung. From Aaron's gaming computer rental in Marion, OH to Rent-A-Center's selection of rent-to-own desktop monitors, you can rest assured you’ll find the device you need. You can even get Wi-Fi routers at your local Marion Rent-A-Center, which lets you get online.

How It Works: Rent-to-Own Aaron's Laptops in Marion, OH vs. Rent-A-Center Computers

Both Aaron’s and Rent-A-Center adhere to a rent-to-own model, which lets you spread out payments for your device over your agreement term instead of needing to pay the full sticker price today. However, there are a few distinctions between their application needs and payment choices. If you choose to go with a rent-to-own computer at Aaron’s in Marion, OH, you'll likely need to input your full name, social security number, how to get in touch with you, your address, source of income, a valid government-issued identification, and personal references.

When you opt for a computer from Rent-A-Center in Marion, you'll enter some general information (your name, your birth date, and how we can contact you) verification of your income sources, will consider many data points when processing your application. With us, even if you have no credit or bad credit, you could still be approved for a rent-to-own computer.

If you elect to go with Aaron's, you'll have either a 12-month, 18-month, or 24-month payment plan. When you choose Marion, OH Rent-A-Center, you get even more freedom and can pick the payment option that suits your needs. You can make payments in installments ranging monthly to weekly and pick the easiest way to make your payment. And, with your Marion Rent-A-Center will offer the same price as our rent-to-own competitors when it’s the same, in-stock device to help you get the best deal possible.**

Does Aaron’s or Rent-A-Center in Marion, OH Allow Exchanges?

Our rent-to-own process is made even more convenient with the RAC Exchange program, which lets you exchange your current device for another as long as you are within the first six months of your agreement. Did you rent a laptop but an updated version just came out? It could be you initially wanted a desktop computer but realize you need the portability of a laptop. You can request an exchange. The payments you've been making on your first item will go toward the total cost of owning the new product. You’ll only get this benefit if you choose Rent-A-Center, Aaron’s in Marion, OH doesn't have anything comparable.

How Do You Shop for Rent-A-Center or Aaron’s Laptops in Marion, OH?

Aaron’s has over 1,300 locations across the country, while, in comparison, there are 3,000 Rent-A-Center locations. It's highly likely there's a Rent-A-Center store near you in Marion, OH, and there also may be an Aaron's nearby. But, shopping in-store can be inconvenient. At either rent-to-own company, you can opt to order through their site with no-cost delivery. It’s easy to get the computer you need in a snap.

Game, Work, and Surf with Rent-to-Own Computers in Marion, OH

Only you can decide if Aaron's in Marion or your local Rent-A-Center is going to meet your needs, budget, and lifestyle. Whether you're searching for a high-powered gaming desktop, a trustworthy work laptop, or a tablet for reading and streaming, you should choose the rent-to-own computer company that matches your needs. Learn more about your options by reading consumer reviews and scope out the offered benefits. Find rent-to-own laptops, tablets, desktops, and accessories right now to enhance your productivity.

Manage your account, make payments and more with our mobile app.

Manage your account, make payments and more with our mobile app.

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