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Who to Choose: Rent-A-Center vs. Aaron's Electronics in Lancaster, Ohio

When comparing Rent-A-Center and Aaron's rent-to-own electronics in Lancaster, Ohio, which should you choose? Consider Rent-A-Center for TVs, gaming consoles, and more.

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Rent-A-Center vs. Aaron's Rental TVs, Cameras, and More in Lancaster, OH

If you want to find the latest rent-to-own TV, laptop, or gaming console but haven't saved up enough to pull the trigger, you've probably come across Rent-A-Center and Aaron's electronics in Lancaster. But which company is the best fit for your needs? While both offer rent-to-own options from brands you trust, there are several advantages to shopping at your local Ohio Rent-A-Center.

The Exchange Policies: Rent-A-Center vs. Aaron's in Lancaster, OH

Rent-to-own is all about getting the latest tech from trusted brands without the barrier of upfront pricing. Rent-A-Center and Aaron's in Lancaster carry a wide variety of the latest electronic devices from top-tier brands, like Samsung or LG.

There is one big difference between shopping Aaron's electronics in Ohio and your Lancaster neighborhood Rent-A-Center: the option to exchange a product for something different — that could mean getting a completely new product, the latest model, or a different style.

You may have found what you thought was your dream rented TV in Lancaster, OH but a few weeks later, you feel you could benefit from a bigger size. Or it could be you decided to spring for a new gaming console but decided a different gaming operating system is really more your speed. Thanks to RAC Exchange, it's easy to trade-in, provided you're within the first six months of your agreement. The best part? All of your prior payments rollover and help pay off the price of your new tech.

There's not a similar program at Aaron's, and that means you have to stick with your current rent-to-own tech until the end of the rental agreement. So long as you're with Lancaster Rent-A-Center, you have the option to have the electronics you need.

Rent-to-Own Same as Cash Offerings: Rent-A-Center vs. Aaron’s for Electronics in Lancaster

You find the perfect camera and decide to go the rent-to-own route — but hope to avoid any additional fees. The 4 to 6 month Same-As-Cash option at Rent-A-Center allows for you to have full ownership of your new tech in the first six months and pay only the cash price. You can have a chance to come up with the cash you'd need to pay the sticker price alone while spreading your payments out over several months. Sounds awesome, right?

Your nearby Lancaster Aaron's has a program like this, but the period is a much shorter 90 to 120 days. This could be good enough for you, but Rent-A-Center’s longer period gives you extra breathing room. Avoid stress, and enjoy a bit of extra time with Rent-A-Center.

You Choose How to Pay: Rent-A-Center vs. Aaron's Electronics in Lancaster, OH

The Rent-A-Center team values flexibility above all else, which is why we offer multiple ways to pay. You'll be able to make payments on your rent-to-own electronic with these convenient options: phone, in-store, online, or with cash at your local Lancaster retailers— like CVS, 7-Eleven, or Family Dollar. You'll benefit from our many payment options when you aren't fond of computer transactions or don't have the option to hop online.

When you choose Aaron's, you've got the option to pay with cash or card. You can pay on their website or at a Lancaster location, but they don't have any third-party retailers you can pay at, nor any over-the-phone transactions. If having payment options is a crucial factor for you, you can find added convenience with Rent-A-Center.

Find the Payment Schedule that Works for You: Rent-A-Center vs. Aaron's in Lancaster, OH

With Rent-A-Center, you don't just have to dream of having the latest rent-to-own home sound system, a TV packed with the latest tech, or the most recent gaming console drop with a payment schedule that aligns with your paycheck.

Your financial situation is unique to you. At Rent-A-Center, we believe your payment plan should be, too. Rent-A-Center's flexible payment scheduling helps make getting the electronics you need when you want them easier. Whether you prefer to pay weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly, our numerous payment options provide flexibility and let you choose what works best for your income schedule, reducing the stress of balancing your budget.

But if you're looking to get a brand new TV, surround sound speaker, or Playstation 5 from Aaron's in Lancaster, OH, you might have to forgo some of this flexibility. Aaron's has monthly payment options with rental ownership plans spanning 12, 18, or 24 months. That may be okay, still having the option to craft your payment plan to suit your life is a game-changer for those who choose Rent-A-Center.

Where to Find Rent-to-Own Electronics Near You in Lancaster, OH: Rent-A-Center vs. Aarons

As you make a choice between where to shop for rent-to-own electronics like Aaron's cameras for rent in Lancaster or Rent-A-Center TVs, you could have an easier time finding what you're searching for at your local Lancaster Rent-A-Center. Rent-A-Center has more locations nationwide, which means you have good odds of finding a location with your desired tech in stock close by.

Aaron's has plenty of stores, too, but not as many. If you like having more options and a convenient trip over to your Lancaster rent-to-own electronics retailer, Rent-A-Center could be the way to go.

Making Your Choice: Rent-A-Center or Aaron's Rent-to-Own Electronics in Lancaster, OH

So, Rent-A-Center or Aaron's in Lancaster, OH — what company is better for you? If exchange options, payment flexibility, and location convenience are high on your priority list, Rent-A-Center may offer the advantages you are looking for.

When you've got Rent-A-Center's Worry-Free Guarantee in your corner, you can shop your way — no credit required. There's no charge for delivery or installment, and if your device stops working during the duration of your agreement, you can enjoy repairs on us.

Whether you're gearing up for the latest gaming system, an upgrade for your TV, or a camera and accessories in Lancaster, OH, consider Rent-A-Center for added convenience, less stress, and access to the latest electronics. Find the latest tech in-person or online now!

Manage your account, make payments and more with our mobile app.

Manage your account, make payments and more with our mobile app.

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