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The Differences: Aaron’s Furniture or Rent-A-Center Furniture in Heath, OH?

Not every rent-to-own furniture company is the same. Compare the benefits of Rent-A-Center vs. Aaron’s furniture in Heath, OH before you shop! Read more about each company’s application process, selection of furniture, benefits, and more.

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At Rent-A-Center, our no credit option lets you shop the top brands and products you love. With no long-term contracts and the option to upgrade anytime, you are always in control.*

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The Rent-to-Own Furniture Process: Rent-A-Center vs. Aaron's in Heath, OH

As you make your choice between Rent-A-Center furniture or Aaron’s furniture in Heath, OH, one important thing to consider is how leasing works for each store. Aaron’s and Rent-A-Center are going to ask for some information before you can be approved.

Your Heath Aaron's may ask for things like your name and contact information, Social Security number, income information, personal references, credit history, and residency information. Heath Rent-A-Center asks for similar information, too. But, you should know that you don't have to provide any credit history information. We consider multiple data points and regularly approve customers with less-than-perfect credit.

Your Heath Rent-A-Center has a variety of payment schedule options. Aaron's is more limited, offering 12-, 18-, and 24-month plans. Your Rent-A-Center payment schedule is based on your paycheck's timing and preferences, rather than a preset term length, which offers you flexibility and freedom.

Why Choose Rent-to-Own: Find Rent-A-Center or Aaron's Furniture in Heath, OH

Your budget can be hit hard by furniture prices in Heath, OH, particularly if you're looking for a whole bedroom or living room set – or even both! Sometimes, finding furniture at reputable Heath rent-to-own companies like Rent-A-Center or Aaron's is a great option. You don't have to pay for everything all at once. Instead, the price tag for your new furniture is split up into multiple payments over time.

With your friendly Heath, OH Rent-A-Center, in addition to smaller monthly payments, you can use the Early Purchase Option that gives you the ability to own your furniture outright quicker. You'll also have the choice to use RAC Exchange, which allows you to trade in your current furniture piece for something else while you're in the first six months of your rental agreement. You could even elect to go with something else entirely!

What's Available: Furniture at Rent-A-Center vs. Aaron’s in Heath, OH

Ready to find new furniture in Heath, OH? You'll be able to turn to  Rent-A-Center or Aaron’s for home office essentials, patio furniture, or a new dining set. The two both have an array of home furnishings, whether you want a comfy mattress or a sleek sectional. You'll be able to have top-quality furnishings from coveted brands, such as Ashley Furniture. Sneak a peek of Aaron's and Rent-A-Center's digital catalogs to see if they'll have the furniture or decor you need.

Torn between the same item on both websites? The Worry-Free Guarantee at Rent-A-Center might simplify your decision for your selection of Heath, OH rent-to-own stores. We always want to offer you a great rate on your purchase, so we will match the price of our rent-to-own competitors on the same in-stock item.** Simplicity and ease are important to us, too. That's the reason we provide free same-day delivery, product services, and repairs for your purchases. Aaron's also gives its shoppers free delivery. But, they may not have repair services.

Where Do I Purchase Aaron’s Furniture vs RAC in Heath, OH?

There's many more Rent-A-Center shops in comparison to Aaron's stores, so there's likely to be a Rent-A-Center store nearby in Heath, OH. In fact, there's 3,000+ Rent-A-Center locations and only 1,300+ Aaron's stores.

Haven't got the chance to get into your Heath, OH Rent-A-Center by the end of today? It's all good! Simply place an order on our site and choose when to get free delivery or store pickup at select stores.

Why Rent-A-Center: Rent-A-Center vs. Aaron's Furniture in Heath, OH

As you choose new furniture in Heath, OH, it’s essential to select the right rent-to-own company for you, and we hope that company is Rent-A-Center. As you decide, be sure to consider how applications work, what payments look like, and any additional differentiators like exchange policies or repair services. Browse reviews from real customers to get insight into each rent-to-own provider before selecting rent-to-own products online and enjoy your living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture.

Manage your account, make payments and more with our mobile app.

Manage your account, make payments and more with our mobile app.

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