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Rent-to-Own: Rent-A-Center vs. Aaron's Electronics in Bellefontaine, OH

Need help choosing between Rent-A-Center and Aaron's for your rent-to-own electronics in Bellefontaine, OH? Learn more about the pros of choosing Rent-A-Center for your gaming console, TV, and other electronics needs.

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Know Your Options: Rent-A-Center vs. Aaron's for Cameras, TVs, and More in Bellefontaine, OH

If you're on the hunt for a rent-to-own camera, TV, or gaming set but haven't saved up enough to pull the trigger, you're likely familiar with Rent-A-Center and Aaron's electronics in Bellefontaine. But which company is the best fit for your needs? Both options offer rent-to-own electronics from trusted brands, but there are pros to choosing your nearby Bellefontaine Rent-A-Center.

Comparing Exchange Policies: Rent-A-Center vs. Aaron's in Bellefontaine, OH

With rent-to-own, you can have high-quality electronics from brands you know without fronting the sticker price all at once. Both Rent-A-Center and your nearby Bellefontaine Aaron's stock various rent-to-own electronics from popular brands like LG and Samsung.

There is one big difference between shopping Aaron's electronics in Ohio and your Bellefontaine neighborhood Rent-A-Center: the option to exchange a product for something different — you can swap in your rent-to-own electronics for a new model, different product, or style.

Let’s say you rented a TV in Bellefontaine, but a few weeks later, you feel you could benefit from a bigger size. Or it could be you decided to spring for a new gaming console and would prefer the newer model that just came out instead. Thanks to RAC Exchange, you'll be able to swap out for the device that best fits your needs, so long as you're within the first six months of your agreement. Not to mention, every payment you've made already will go towards your new device's total price.

Aaron's doesn't offer anything like RAC Exchange, which may mean you're stuck with your device for the lifetime of your rent-to-own agreement. So long as you're with Bellefontaine Rent-A-Center, you have the option to have the electronics you need.

Who Has Better Same as Cash Offerings: Rent-A-Center vs. Aaron’s Electronics in Bellefontaine, OH

You've found your dream gaming laptop and decide to go the rent-to-own route — but you're wary of paying for additional fees. With Rent-A-Center's 4- to 6-month Same-as-Cash option, you can have full ownership of your new tech in your initial six months while only paying your item price. This allows for the opportunity to come up with the cash you'd need to pay the sticker price alone while having the choice to spread out your payments over a handful of months. Sounds awesome, right?

Your nearby Bellefontaine Aaron's has a program like this, but only for 90 to 120 days. While that’s still helpful, the longer timeframe offered at Rent-A-Center offers greater flexibility. More time, less stress — what’s not to love?

Choose Your Way to Pay: Rent-A-Center vs. Aaron's Electronics in Bellefontaine, OH

Rent-A-Center understands that flexibility is everything when it comes to your finances, and that's why you've got many payment options with us. You can pay for your new rent-to-own electronic with cash at select nearby Bellefontaine retailers (including 7-Eleven, CVS, and Family Dollar), in-store, via phone, or on our website. Multiple choices for payment comes in handy if you like to pay in-person or don't have internet access.

Aaron's in Bellefontaine, OH also accepts payments online and in-store via cash or card, but they don't accept phone transactions or allow for payments at third-party retailers. If you'd benefit from additional ways to pay, Rent-A-Center may be a better fit.

Which Payment Schedule Works Best for You? Rent-A-Center vs. Aaron's in Bellefontaine, OH

You can get a high-tech rent-to-own home sound system, a new TV brimming with features, or the most recent gaming console drop on a payment plan schedule that lines up just right with your paycheck.

At your Bellefontaine, OH Rent-A-Center, we understand that everyone’s financial situation is unique. Our customizable payment scheduling options minimize the stress of paying for your tech. You can choose how you want to pay: monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly. With Rent-A-Center, our payment options are flexible and let you choose a plan that works with your pay schedule, reducing strain on your monthly budgeting plans.

On the other hand, if you've been excited to bring home a console update with an Aaron's Playstation 5, TV, or surround sound kit in Bellefontaine, OH, you may have to sacrifice a bit of your flexibility. Your selection at Aaron's includes a strict term of 24 months, 18 months, or 12 months, and monthly payment options. While this might work for some, we know that being able to customize your payment plan is crucial for those who choose Rent-A-Center.

Aaron's vs. Rent-A-Center: Where is it Easier to Find Rent-to-Own Electronics in Bellefontaine, OH?

While you make a decision about where to get rent-to-own electronics like Aaron's cameras for rent in Bellefontaine or Rent-A-Center TVs, it might be less complicated to find what you're searching for at your neighborhood Rent-A-Center. Rent-A-Center has more locations nationwide, which means you have good odds of finding a location with your desired tech in stock right here in Bellefontaine.

Aaron's has lots of locations, but far fewer than Rent-A-Center. If you want to expand your choices and have your Bellefontaine rent-to-own electronics just around the corner, Rent-A-Center could be the way to go.

Aaron's Rent-to-Own Electronics in Bellefontaine, OH? Or Rent-A-Center?

Debating between Rent-A-Center or Aaron's in Bellefontaine, OH — what company is better for you? If factors like exchange options, payment flexibility, and location convenience can help you feel assured, Rent-A-Center might tick all of your boxes.

When you've got Rent-A-Center's Worry-Free Guarantee in your corner, you can shop without using credit, on your own terms. Plus, Bellefontaine delivery and setup are always free, and if your device stops working during the duration of your agreement, repairs are on us.

As you're browsing for this year's hottest gaming console, a shiny TV, or a camera and accessories in Bellefontaine, OH, keep Rent-A-Center in mind for a less-stress, more-benefits tech-buying experience. Browse the latest and greatest in electronics in-person or online today.

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Manage your account, make payments and more with our mobile app.

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