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When you're thinking about purchasing gaming consoles, you have a lot of options for places to shop. But if you're looking at getting a gaming console on a budget, then your nearest Rent-A-Center is your video game system destination! Harness the powerful processor, brilliant visuals, and impressive audio quality of the newest Microsoft Xbox One video game system from Rent-A-Center without breaking the bank. It's how we make it effortless to purchase the latest tech at an affordable price!

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If you want to get into the local community of gamers, you first need the most up-to-date console. Plus, some of the top video games can be played on Microsoft's Xbox One. But how do you decide if the Xbox One is the right gaming console for your gaming needs? Well, if you enjoy 4K resolution, high definition audio, and the experience of a comfortable wireless controller when plugging in to your favorite games, then the Xbox One is the system you need! With the option of 1TB of storage, the Xbox One is your single-source entertainment center. Play single-player titles or play online with people across the world. Stream movies and TV shows from your favorite streaming services, video chat with friends online, and even control your gaming system using your voice! The Microsoft Xbox One is your ticket into the local gaming scene in Weymouth and gamers from practically every continent.

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So, you determined that Microsoft's Xbox One is the ideal gaming system that you've been wanting. But such a high-tech gaming system may feel right outside of your price range. That's why Rent-A-Center makes it easy to get the devices you want while making affordable payments. It's a part of our Worry-Free Guarantee!** When you purchase a new Microsoft Xbox One from your Weymouth Rent-A-Center, you'll be able to take your device home on the same-day and immerse yourself in the perfect video game experience. Start your order online or at your local store, choose the color device you want, and select an affordable payment plan that works for your wallet. Plus, you don't need a long credit history** to be approved**! And when you choose the bundle option for the Xbox One, you might be able to get an Xbox One video game on us, with a cordless gaming headset to finalize the ultimate online gaming experience. Stop by your local Rent-A-Center to shop rent-to-own Xbox One consoles in Weymouth now!

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Manage your account, make payments and more with our mobile app.

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