Assistant Manager Jobs in Covington, KY

Assistant Manager Careers at Rent-A-Center in Covington, KY

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Why Start an Assistant Manager Career at Rent-A-Center in Covington, KY?

Rent-A-Center is well-known for making ownership easy. From our flexible payment options and rent-to-own initiatives to our philanthropic efforts, we dedicated to helping people take control of their future. And that doesn't just apply to our customers either. This same dedication applies to our talented team members, too! At Rent-A-Center in Covington, we make it easy to work towards the career you want. And we'll even help you get there!

Not convinced? Well, Rent-A-Center has won awards for achievements like "Best Company Happiness," "Best Company Outlook," and "Best Operations Team" — and that was just in 2021! Rent-A-Center strives to create a culture of service that respects the lives of both our customers and coworkers. Join the Rent-A-Center team in Covington, and you'll not only grow revenue, you'll grow your career future, too!

What's in the Job Description for Assistant Manager Careers in Covington?

The Assistant Manager job description in KY involves increasing customer revenue and growth while nurturing a supportive environment for both our employees and customers. From collecting payments and completing customer service calls to making sure that the team is aware of new products and promotions, you'll help manage a competitive team of passionate problem-solvers.

You'll also manage daily operations, assist with deliveries and merchandise, and encourage your team with an honest and approachable spirit — all while giving our customers complete satisfaction. There you have it. That's what being a Sales Manager is all about at Rent-A-Center in Covington, KY. Are you ready to get started?

Why Start a Rent-A-Center Career Near Me in Covington, KY?

We can't discuss Rent-A-Center jobs in Covington without highlighting our fantastic benefits! To start, when you join our team, you'll have every Sunday off. And we do mean EVERY Sunday. You put plans on your personal schedule without taking an off-day, and you can spend time with those who matter most.

And what about PTO (paid time off), health coverage, and retirement plans? Rent-A-Center in Covington has you covered there, too! From the Rent-A-Center 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan to our comprehensive and competitive benefits package, Rent-A-Center goes to great lengths to make our team feel valued and respected. We also provide generous PTO and paid holidays!

How to Apply to Sales Manager Job Openings at Rent-A-Center in Covington

Are you ready to jump start your new Assistant Manager career at Rent-A-Center in Covington? Sure you are! You'll quickly learn everything we do is about helping others achieve success in their lives — your career included. Just work towards the future you crave, and we'll help you get there. Take the leap by putting in an application for Sales Manager job openings at your nearest Covington Rent-A-Center!

Manage your account, make payments and more with our mobile app.

Manage your account, make payments and more with our mobile app.

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