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Why Start a Sales Manager Career at Rent-A-Center in Lynwood?

Rent-A-Center delivers on its promise for making it easy to own the things you need. From our flexible payment options and rent-to-own program to our charitable donations and giving efforts, we believe in enriching people's lives. And that doesn't stop with our customers. This commitment also applies to you! At Rent-A-Center in Lynwood, CA, it's easy to take control of your success. And we'll help you get there!

Not convinced? Consider this — Rent-A-Center has been ranked and awarded highly for achievements like "Best Outlook," "Best Company Happiness," and "Best Operations Team" — and that's just in 2021! Rent-A-Center endeavors to cultivate a culture of genuine service the improves the quality of life for both our customers and coworkers. Join our team in Lynwood, CA, and you will grow more than just income — you'll grow your career, too!

What You’ll Do As an Assistant Manager of Sales in Lynwood, CA

The Assistant Manager job responsibilities in Lynwood involves increasing customer revenue and growth while creating a positive and encouraging environment for our customers and team members. From collecting payments and completing customer service calls to making sure that the team is briefed on new promotions and products, you'll help manage a competitive team of passionate problem-solvers.

You'll even get to manage daily operations, make sure that store credit is maintained, and keep your Lynwood team inspired with a charismatic personality — all while giving our customers complete satisfaction. There you have it. That's what being a Sales Manager at Rent-A-Center is all about. Think you have what it takes?

What Are the Rent-A-Center Career Benefits Near Me in Lynwood, CA?

We can't discuss Rent-A-Center careers in Lynwood without mentioning our awesome benefits! For starters, when you work with us, you'll enjoy every Sunday off. Yes, every single one! You can make personal plans without taking an off-day, and you can prioritize time living life on your own terms.

And what about PTO (paid time off), health benefits, and retirement plans? We've got has these options too! From our 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan to our complete and comprehensive benefits package, we go over and beyond to ensure that our team feel valued and respected. We also have generous paid time off, including holidays!

How to Apply to Sales Manager Job Openings at Rent-A-Center in Lynwood

Are you ready to begin your Sales Manager career at Rent-A-Center in Lynwood, CA? Of course you are! You'll find that we're all about enhancing people's lives — your career included. If you work towards the success you desire, and we'll help you accomplish your goals. Take the next pivotal step in your career by applying to available Sales Manager positions at your local Rent-A-Center in Lynwood, CA!

Manage your account, make payments and more with our mobile app.

Manage your account, make payments and more with our mobile app.

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