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The sales representatives at the store I go to have been very helpful with any problem I have had. I have already furnished a room in the last year. :)

– Sonja

Dallas, TX

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No matter your taste, Magnavox electronics help you bring your on-screen entertainment to the next level. Bring home all the best features in home entertainment electronics today. Enhance your entertainment experience – whether you're gaming with friends, watching movies with the whole family, or catching up on your favorite TV shows, Magnavox supplies you with the best. Development of home theater technology is rapid and has been for decades. Magnavox keeps up with that technology, producing quality products that fit your needs. With so many choices in home entertainment today, it's important to select the product that is right for your home. With a variety of HDTVs, audio systems, DVD players and more, Magnavox consistently satisfies its customers. If you're looking for an upgrade or just to try something new in Spokane, Magnavox can bring some more fun to your home. Of all the brands in the market today, Magnavox entertainment products are some of the most trusted out there. Magnavox has specialized in home entertainment for 100 years, andthe selection of home electronics from Magnavox continues to focus on bringing customers the best in entertainment technology. Whether you want LED TVs, LCD TVs, Blu-ray players, sound bars, or even full home theater systems – Magnavox has it all. Our store's payment options are flexible, so you can own whatever Magnavox product you want, worry-free.